Arkansas 911 News

Felony Traffic Stop..DWI Arrest – GARLAND COUNTY

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All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

Early this morning, Garland County Sheriff’s Patrol Sergeant Schroeder was on DWI Patrol in the area of Charming Heights Road.  I was sitting in the Dollar General Store Parking Lot at the corner of Highway 70W and South Moore Road, checking email and catching up on computer stuff.

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I heard a vehicle approaching at high speed, but didn’t see anything on the highway.  All of the sudden, a white older model Ford Pick-Up Truck shot across the highway, and raced northbound on North Moore Road.

I thought to myself “ooh, if this guy only knew how close he came to…” – and then I heard another vehicle approaching same as before.  This 1 was in a hurry as well.  But this 1 was marked “GARLAND COUNTY SHERIFF”.  It was Sgt. Schroeder and I knew where he was going.

I followed them at distance up North Moore.  After what seemed like a couple of minutes, the Sgt. called dispatch on the radio.  He said that he was on a traffic stop with this vehicle about halfway down North Moore Road.

He quickly advised that pistols were visible in the vehicle and that he was going to stop and hold position until some back-up arrived.  Within several minutes, 2 more sheriff patrol cars arrived and a felony traffic stop was conducted, people were handcuffed and the guns were secured.

Jacob Ross Fischer – Charged with DWI..remains innocent until proven guilty

Then the DWI investigation began.  Things didn’t go so well for the driver, Jacob Ross Fischer, 23 of Garland County.  He was arrested and transported to the Garland County Detention Center for further investigation and processing.   Mr. Fischer was charged with DWI.

The passenger was released at the scene and the vehicle was towed.

The guns were returned as well.

No fighting, arguing, injury or problems were reported in connection with this traffic stop that I am aware of.