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Felon Probationer Allegedly Fires Gun..Apt. Catches Fire Somehow.. Found With Marijuana & Gun; Felony Arrest – HOT SPRINGS

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Story by Arkansas 911 News Chief Editor Paul Maddox

All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Hot Springs Fire Troops were called to an apartment in the 100 Block of Garland Avenue on October 6, 2019 around 2 AM for the call of a fire in an apartment.

Hot Springs Police Officers arrived and determined that a gun had allegedly been fired inside the apartment.  According to the report, evidence at the scene suggested that the shot was fired from inside the apartment, struck a tv, struck a dresser and then the bullet out the window.

Officers spoke with the resident of the apartment and learned that her son, Akeejae Cordell Bryant, 22, of Garland Avenue in Hot Springs, was inside the apartment briefly before the officers arrived.

Akeejae Cordell Bryant, 22, of Garland Avenue in Hot Springs – allegedly found with marijuana and a loaded pistol at 2AM while on probation.

While outside looking for evidence, Officer McCauley allegedly located Mr. Bryant laying down in his mother’s vehicle that was parked in front of the apartment.  When quizzed about why he was in the van and whether he had been involved in the shot being fired, he allegedly became evasive.

His information was run through the police computer and it was determined that he is a convicted felon on probation with a search waiver on file as a condition of his probation agreement.  Officer’s searched the van and allegedly located a loaded Canik 9mm pistol with a round in the chamber and 7 more in the magazine.

A witness allegedly confirmed seeing Probationer Bryant with that backpack just before 911 services arrived and knows him to have been in possession of this gun previously.

Officers allegedly located a marijuana pipe and .2 grams of marijuana on Probationer Bryant’s person.

Probationer Bryant allegedly stated that he carries the gun for his protection.

Probationer Bryant is charged with Felony Possession Of A Firearm By Certain Persons, Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia and Possession Of A Controlled Substance with a bond amount totaling $4,500.