Arkansas 911 News

Fatal Scooter Crash On Hwy. 270 – ROCKPORT

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Arkansas State Police Trooper Sawyer investigated a fatal scooter crash on Highway 270 at the Highway 51 Junction yesterday afternoon.

Evidence at the scene suggested that the scooter, driven by an adult male, was in the intersection when it collided with a horse trailer in transit.  The horse trailer was occupied by at least 1 full size horse at the time of the collision.  After impact, the scooter fell over and came to final rest in the eastbound lane(s) of Highway 270.  The truck pulling the horse trailer continued east, up the highway, approximately 150 yards and came to a controlled stop on the right shoulder of Highway 270.


Trooper Sawyer was not prepared to release the cause of the crash before I departed the scene.  There was very little physical evidence on the pavement and he wanted to interview all witnesses prior to making a statement about the cause of the crash.  It was a very fresh death investigation and these things take time to do correctly.

Magnet Cove Fire & Rescue Troops and Malvern Fire Department responded to the scene.  They helped with  blocking traffic and assisted with medical care.

Rockport Police, Malvern Police and the Hot Spring County Sheriff’s Patrol assisted as necessary.

LifeNet dispatched at least 1 Ambulance Crew from their Malvern Station.  They arrived quickly and did everything they could, but ultimately, the Hot Spring County Coroner was ordered to the scene to investigate and conduct his duties.  NOK was notified at the scene.

Arkansas State Police CID Lieutenant Morris stopped to assist with traffic control and otherwise as necessary.

The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department sent a representative to the scnee to assist as necessary.

Tanner’s Towing & Recovery took charge of the scooter and removed it from the scene.

Traffic flow was interrupted for approximately 1 hour & 45 minutes at this area.