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Fatal End-Over Crash On Hwy. 7 South – GARLAND COUNTY

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Arkansas State police Trooper Whitney investigated a single vehicle, fatal, end-over crash that took place Sunday Morning around 2:30AM on Highway 7 South of Mt. Riante Road.

Evidence at the scene showed that the southbound Hyundai Tucson exited the pavement in a curve, began to slide down the small embankment, traveled approximately 65 feet along the soft embankment, slammed into a driveway embankment, went airborne over the driveway, flew approximately 40 feet, hit a wooden fence, continued into the tree line, dropped into a shallow and rocky creek, slammed head-on into rocks/trees and came to final rest on it’s front bumper with the roof of the SUV against a large tree. Rescuers we’re not able to get through the trees and cut the car open in time to help the victim.  This vehicle was in  an impossible position among trees/growth and in danger of collapsing onto the Rescuers even if they had been able to access the final rest position in time.  There didn’t appear to be any signs of trouble or braking prior to leaving the highway.

The Garland County Sheriff’s Patrol was the first to arrive and assist as necessary.

Lake Hamilton Fire & Rescue worked feverishly to help the victim, but they were working at a severe disadvantage with the time constraint that the circumstance presented.  I’m convinced that no rescue outfit could have had better results.

LifeNet dispatched an Ambulance Crew and the EMS Supervisor to the scene.  They assisted as necessary.

The Garland County Duty Coroner responded to the scene, investigated and pronounced Larry Hamilton, 65 of Hot Springs, deceased at the scene.

Traffic flow was interrupted for approximately 2.5 hours.