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Fatal Apartment Fire..Woman Jumps From 3rd Floor Window – HOT SPRINGS

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Frantic callers flooded the Hot Springs Police 911 Dispatch center yesterday around 5:30PM.  There was an absolute problem at the Polo Run Apartments on Manor Lane.  I don’t know the exact ins and outs of who was dispatched when, but the next thing I know, about 1 minute later, a Hot Springs Police Officer was on scene at Manor Lane with flames visible on the ground floor.

Several more HSPD’ers arrived and they began evacuating the affected building.  HSPD Units were quickly followed by Hot Springs Fire Trucks.  And they just kept coming.  All the civilians that were trying to help cleared the way as they began getting relief from the 1st Responders.

At some point early on, an adult female jumped from a 3rd floor window.  HSFD Fire Chief Ed Davis said that while the flames were contained to the 1st floor, the smoke and toxic gases that easily made it to the 3rd floor could be potentially deadly to anyone that inhaled it.

When I arrived, dark grey smoke was still rolling out of an open 3rd floor window on the right side of the door leading into the building from the ground level.  On the left side of the door, also on the 3rd floor, I saw a small child at the window.  HSFD Troops quickly got a ladder and HSFD Firefighters Jester, Wolf and Dupre went up the ladder.  At least 2 children were rescued through the window and hand carried by the firemen, down the ladder.  I was told by witnesses at the scene (unofficially) that these children were not injured.

At least 2 lifeNet Ambulances were dispatched to the scene.  At least 1 person was transported to the hospital with a leg injury.

The HSFD Fire Marshal was ordered to the scene to investigate.  The Duty Coroner was also called to this fire to investigate the circumstances surrounding  1 deceased person that was located in the apartment where the fire began.  HSPD Detectives also investigated the cause of the fatal blaze.

HSPD Media Relations Officer Corporal Kirk Zaner came out and gave a live interview via the Arkansas 911 News Facebook Page.  That video can be found by scrolling down on this page.

The American Red Cross set up a receiving station in a nearby parking lot to assist those residents that were displaced by the fire event.

The Manor Circle area was blocked off to all traffic the better part of 4 hours.

VIDEO from the scene – HSPD Corporal Kirk Zaner: