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DWI Driver Tased; Arrest – HOT SPRINGS

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By E’Lyse Golden, Investigative Reporter

On December 1 around 2:00 am, Officer Wes Smith of the Hot Springs Police Department was patrolling the area of Hobson Avenue and Linwood Avenue when he saw a white BMW that had just collided with a parked vehicle. The driver of the vehicle refused to cooperate and then refused to be arrested.

Smith contacted the driver, Courtney Schanlaber, 22, of Hobson Avenue in Hot Springs, and saw that she had blood shot watery eyes and slurred her speech.

Smith asked Schanlaber to step out of the vehicle so she could take a field sobriety test and she refused to exit the vehicle. Schanlaber resisted by locking her arms in the steering wheel.

Officers were eventually able to get Schanlaber out of the vehicle and she continued to resist arrest by not letting the officers handcuff her. Schanlaber continued resisting and the officers tased her once in her lower back. While at the jail Schanlaber refused to take a chemical breath test on the intoximeter.

She is charged with driving while intoxicated, careless and prohibited driving, refusal to submit to arrest, and refusal to submit to a chemical test. Schanlaber was also charged with driving while intoxicated on June 9, 2018, read the story here.

Schanlaber entered a plea of not guilty on December 5. Further court proceedings will be held later.

Courtney Schanlaber, 22, of Hobson Avenue in Hot Springs