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DTF Raids Trailer House Near Piney Junction – GARLAND COUNTY

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All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

No information was provided at the scene and I have not received any press release or statement with regard to this raid.  So, i’m shooting from the hip with this.  Here goes…

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On Wednesday, at 6:00 AM, Officers assigned to the 18th East Judicial District Drug Task Force (DTF) arrived at a trailer home on Shuttle Street at the Price Street Intersection with a warrant and the Garland County Sheriff’s Tactical Response Team.

I arrived about 18 minutes after the festivities began.  When I arrived on Shuttle Street, I saw the street packed with sheriff’s vehicles including the TRT Response Van, the K-9 Unit and several undercover vehicles, a sniper; 2 men were handcuffed and sitting on the side of the street, several officers were wearing what appeared to be white haz-mat suits and other personal protection and TRT Troops had the area around the target house on lockdown.









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A LifeNet Ambulance Crew was treating someone in the back of the ambulance when I arrived.  The ambulance departed the scene with that person occupying the stretcher position in that vehicle.   Also, several (if not all of the neighbors) were in their yards.  They were thrilled and overjoyed.  They kept yelling “thank you” to the raiders from the edge of the perimeter.

Officers made 3 arrests that I am aware of.  The 2 that were handcuffed and sitting down and a lady that appeared towards the end of the party.  All 3 were transported to the Garland County Jail.
















Items confiscated during the raid include a large, flat screen t.v. and approximately 12 baby cats.  Hot Springs Animal Control Director Dan Bugg and his associates brought 4 Animal Control Vehicles to handle the cats.  They were so small, the Animal Control Troops just picked them up and put them into little pet carriers that they brought with them.

After all animals were removed from the residence, it was boarded up and posted.

The neighbors felt as though this might have been a narcotics raid, but I can not confirm that.