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Double Fatal Crash Last Night Near Bismarck – HOT SPRING COUNTY

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Arkansas State Police Corporal Summerville investigated a 2 vehicle head-on crash that killed 2 people last night on Highway 7 north of Bismarck.

Evidence at the scene showed that the white car crossed the centerline and slammed head-on into the blue, southbound car.  Both of the people killed were in the blue car, 1 was pronounced dead at the scene by the Hot Spring County Coroner.

Unconfirmed social media reports indicate that the blue car was carrying a Bismarck Lion Musician en route back home from a school band event.

Bismarck Fire & Rescue were very quick to respond.  They blocked the highway, set up a double helicopter landing zone, assisted with patient access & care, cleaned up automotive fluids, assisted with debris clean up and directed traffic once it was safe to do so.

Baptist Medical Center dispatched an Ambulance Crew to the scene.  LifeNet dispatched an ambulance and the Air Crew to the scene.  Survival Flight also dispatched their Air Crew to the scene.  2 patients were flown to Little Rock hospitals and 1 patient was transported to a Hot Springs hospital.  1 of these patients was later pronounced dead by the Garland County Coroner as ER Troops worked furiously to fix the problems.

Hot Spring County based wrecker trucks took charge of the vehicles and removed them from the scene.

Highway 7 was closed at this section for approximately 1 hour and moved 1 lane for an addition hour or so.