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Dope Dealing Absconding Parolee Busted By ACC/IS Officers – NORTH LITTLE ROCK

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ACC Intensive Supervision Officers Bust Dope Dealing Absconder

ACC’s Intensive Supervision Officers were conducting a home visit on parolee DeShon L. Martin, 27, who’s been in and out of prison and jail several times since 2011 for firearm possession, terroristic threatening, drugs, residential burglary, and theft of property.

Armed Drug Dealing Absconding Parolee DeShon L. Martin, 27, of parts unknown – busted wide open by ACC IS Officers during a home visit last week.

His last release was just 23 days ago. The officers did a top to bottom search of Martin’s residence.  Stuffed down inside a bag of dog food, they found a loaded 9mm handgun with a round in the chamber. Up in the attic, they recovered a large bag of marijuana. The officers also seized more than $6,000, scales and a small amount of cocaine.

ACC’s team called in NLR police after finding the pistol and turned all evidence over to them. Martin was arrested and taken to jail. He’s facing new felony charges.