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Deputies Receive National Jailer Certification – GARLAND COUNTY

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Public Release – GARLAND COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT.  Shared from the Garland County Sheriff’s Facebook Page.

Garland County Sheriff’s Office Detention Staff achieve Nationally Recognized Certifications

Sheriff McCormick is proud to announce that several members of The Garland County Sheriff’s Office Detention Division applied and tested for National Certification through the American Jail Association. Recently, test results were delivered to the Sheriff’s Office and the following designations were conferred upon the successful candidates:

Lt. Michael Roberson – Certified Jail Officer (CJO)
Cpl. Aaron Ball – Certified Jail Officer (CJO)
Cpl. Michael Lesher – Certified Jail Officer (CJO)
Cpl. Eva Jones – Certified Jail Officer (CJO)
Cpl. Patricia Hallbauer – Certified Jail Officer (CJO)
Deputy Sarah Harmon – Certified Jail Officer (CJO)
Deputy Timothy Griffith – Certified Jail Officer (CJO)
Cpl. Ryan Steed – Certified Jail Officer (CJO)

The Certified Jail Officer is awarded to line staff and first-line jail supervisors upon the completion of a background application and an intensive three-hour examination which tests for competency and mastery of jail operation knowledge and skills at the line and first line supervisory levels. Based upon the results of the most recent application and testing, The Garland County Sheriff’s Office Detention Division continues to lead the State of Arkansas with the highest number of Certified Jail Officers.

*The American Jail Association is a national, nonprofit, educational organization delivering professional development, personal certification and advocacy services to correctional personnel at all ranks and operational levels working in this nation’s 3,200- plus jails and detention facilities. It is the only association of its kind that focuses exclusively on issues affecting today’s jail professional. Appointed by the association’s Board of Directors, the five-member commission administers the Certified Jail Manager program, in addition to the Certified Jail Officer program; sets policy; and ensures the two programs reflect the changing needs of the profession.