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Defendant Breaks Into Car While Waiting For Court Case; Felony Arrest – LONOKE COUNTY

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Public Release – Lonoke County SHERIFF’s DEPARTMENT

Woman Steals From Vehicles While Waiting Her Turn In Court

At approximately 1649 hours, Meagan Jackson, pulled into the back parking area of Austin PD for court. While court was in session, Jackson began attempting to enter three different Austin Police vehicles and she then gained entry to the city manager’s personal vehicle.

Meagan Jackson – allegedly broke into a car during her court appearance. Then, allegedly snuck into the back door of the police department and ate chocolate.

Jackson stole over $1,000 in property before entering the Austin Police Department through the back door, which is an employee’s only/restricted area. Jackson began eating chocolates that were on the counter of the police department.

Jackson was apprehended by Austin PD a short while after she left the police department. All items were recovered. Jackson is being charged with Felony Breaking Or Entering, Felony Theft Of Property, and Trespassing. Jackson was transported to the Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center where she is being held pending bond or first appearance.