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CJI: School Of Law Enforcement Supervision (SLES) – LITTLE ROCK

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Press Release – HOT SPRINGS POLICE DEPARTMENT (Sergeant John Schroeder)

School of Law Enforcement Supervision (SLES)

Sheriff McCormick is pleased to announce that both Undersheriff Jason Lawrence and Lt. Joel Ware graduated Friday May 19, 2017 from the XLVIII session of the School of Law Enforcement Supervision (SLES) put on by the Criminal Justice Institute in Little Rock.

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There were forty-five students from various law enforcement agencies around the state who attended, and nominated our very own Lt. Ware as their class speaker for the graduation ceremonies.

SLES is a very exclusive school, to which one may only attend if nominated by a department head, and then only if accepted for attendance by the Criminal Justice Institute. This four-week development course is scheduled one week per month over a four-month period, and provides a unique opportunity for professionals to develop and cultivate leadership skills. The instructors are a varied mix of current and former law enforcement personnel, supervisors, attorneys, and field experts whose aim is to bring an understanding of law enforcement management and offer applicable knowledge of how to meet the challenges leaders will face throughout their career. Course topics include: Leadership and Communications Excellence; Research Strategies; Challenging the Organizational Culture; Organizational and Nonverbal Communication; Stress Management; Social Intelligence; Managing Media Relations; Domestic Terrorism; and Legal topics. The curriculum includes weekly exams, an oral presentation, and a research paper.

Sheriff McCormick stated, “It was my honor to nominate these leaders for this class, and I knew that they would represent our department, and the people of Garland County with distinction and honor. Both are to be commended for the effort it took to complete this course. I am grateful to have leaders such as Undersheriff Lawrence and Lt. Ware within my department.”

Garland County CID Lieutenant Ware was chosen to be the Class Speaker