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Civilian Nabs Meth/Stolen Truck/Break-In Suspect; Arrest – GARLAND COUNTY

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All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

People get out and have fun on big holiday weekends and the thieves know this.  Unfortunately for the thieves, Mr. Christianos of Dodd Mini-Storage on Highway 270W also knows this.  Mr. Christianos has “a situation in place” by where he knows….things.

Mr. Christianos became aware of a suspicious circumstance inside the Dodd Mini-Storage Facility yesterday and he immediately went down there to investigate.  Upon his arrival at the front gate of the property, he observed a U-Haul box truck about to exit through the gate.  Mr. Christianos immediately recognized the driver as what he described as “the previous thief at this same property”.  Later, after I arrived, Mr. Christianos showed me a Hot Springs Sentinel Record story on his smartphone.  It was the story about the last time this suspect allegedly pulled some break-ins here and was arrested.  Mr. Christianos said that this happened months ago and this suspect was sentenced to 6 years in the penitentiary.  He was not happy that this same suspect was victimizing him again only a few months later.

Back to the story – So, Mr. Christianos did a traffic stop on this U-Haul truck inside the gate of his property.  Just trust me when I say that the suspect fully cooperated and didn’t move a muscle until Garland County Sheriff’s Patrol Sergeant Martineau arrived.  Other people were present at the scene, I assume they assisted by calling 911.

Sgt. Martineau was quickly joined by GCSO Patrol Deputy Tosh, GCSO CID Investigator Greathouse and off-duty GCSO Patrol Lieutenant Dodd.  Sgt. Martineau began the investigation by running the license plate that was displayed on the vehicle.  It came back to a U-Haul Truck that had not been returned for several days.

Jeffery Scott Holthusen, 39 – allegedly up to no good

At this point, the suspect, identified as Jeffery Scott Holthusen, 39, was cuffed and stuffed into the back of a marked sheriff car.  Then, the search began.  Discovered during the search of the truck and it’s contents were a small amount (but plenty enough to get ADC time) of ‘ICE’ methamphetamine and stolen property including sports trading cards.

Mr. Holthusen was transported to the Garland County Detention Center and charged with Breaking or Entering, Possession Of A Controlled Substance (Felony) and Theft Of Property.  Bond was set at $6,000.00.  However, another jurisdiction has placed a hold on this suspect with a bond amount totaling $520.00.