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Car Thief Returns and Barricades Himself In House With Victim’s Child And A Knife – HOT SPRINGS

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All suspects are presumed innocent until guilty.

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hot-springs-police-department-arkansas copy 3On 7/1/2016, the victim called police to report that her 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe had been allegedly stolen from her residence on Oakwood Avenue by Darin Huff.  As the detectives were taking the report, the suspect called the victim on her cell phone.  Over the speaker, the officers heard the suspect say that he was on the other side of Malvern, AR and planned to ditch the car in a parking lot there and then call her to give her the location of her vehicle.








Later that day, Huff returned the vehicle to the victim’s residence.  The victim called HSPD to advise that the suspect was back at her residence on Oakwood Avenue.  According to the victim, the suspect found out that she called the police and allegedly began to yell at her.  While yelling, he grabbed a steak knife and headed down the hall towards the victim’s 9 year old son.

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The victim exited the house at this point to find that the police had arrived.  She told officer’s in a later interview at the HSPD HQ Building that she feared for the life of her son when the suspect went towards the back of the house with the knife and barricaded himself by closing a door between himself on the same side of the door as the child and her on the other side of the door.

Huff was arrested at the scene and charged with 1st Degree Assault on Household or Family Member and Felony Theft of Property.