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Can You Believe This Guy Flicked Me Off? – HOT SPRINGS

When will I get my tax refund?

This guy is guilty of flicking the bird, but the rest of what he is alleged to have done must be proven in court.

Hot Springs Police were dispatched to Mapco on Central Avenue last Friday about 4PM in reference to a stolen car that the owner had followed from the Shell Station at Central Avenue at Golf Links Road.  The vehicle had just been allegedly taken by an unknown suspect, Craig Allen Bass, 31 of Hot Springs.

Craig Allen Bass, 31 of Hot Springs – flicks people off and gets attacked by police K-9 dogs in the woods

The owner of the car told police that he entered Mapco to confront the suspect, but the suspect fled out the door and into the woods.  HSPD Officer Smith arrived at Mapco just in time to allegedly see the suspect run from the store and into the woods.

Officer Smith alerted the rest of his shift and back up was sent including HSPD Sergeant Luzader and HSPD K-9 Team Keena & Officer Jones.  A perimeter was set around the woods and the manhunt began.

Keena tracked the suspect to the shirt he was wearing when he entered the woods.  It wasn’t long after that until Keena had a mouthful of the suspect there in the wooded area between Mapco and Yorkshire Drive.

As soon as the arrest was made, Sgt. Luzader ordered the LifeNet Crew to come in and check the dog bite wound on the suspect’s leg.

LifeNet arrived and met with the suspect.  As they were looking at his wound, the suspect flicked me the bird – handcuffed, under arrest, in pain and all.

HSPD did the cuff & stuff, then ran the suspect to the emergency room to follow up on that awesome dog bite.

Mr. Bass was charged with Felony Theft Of Property, Fleeing and Refusal To Submit To Arrest.  He is being held at the Garland County Detention Center with a bond total of $3,750.