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Body Found On Springwood Road – GARLAND COUNTY

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When I woke up this morning, I had approximately 40 messages asking what happened at the 100 Springwood Trailer Park.   People were reporting that the Garland County Sheriff’s Department had a crime scene there, yellow tape and all.

I contacted Garland County Sheriff’s Media Officer Sergeant Schroeder.  He says that “the body of a white female approximately 50 years old was discovered this morning at that location and that the body has been sent to the state crime lab for further investigation”.  End of statement.

All indications point to a homicide investigation.  But, that’s how every death case is initially handled if the cause of death is unknown.  There is a chance this death could be natural, self inflicted, wild animal, slip and fall – only the people with the facts would know and none of that info is being released yet because all of the facts are not known.  The state crime lab will help to answer some key questions.