Arkansas 911 News

Boat Sinks On Lake Hamilton At Woodstock Street – GARLAND COUNTY

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Garland County Sheriff’s Marine Patrol Deputies responded to a lake house on Woodstock Street to investigate an abandoned boat that had been tied to the property and began to sink.

Evidence at the scene showed that the boat was tied to a fixture at the seawall and began to take on water.  The boat was about half submerged when help arrived.

Piney Fire & Rescue Troops were quick to respond and assist as necessary.  They were quickly able to determine that the boat was unoccupied.

About 20 minutes after 911 arrived, a party barge pulled up with people that took charge of the sinking boat.  They tried to maneuver the boat for recovery, but it rolled and then, really sank…hit bottom with the bow in the air.

When it rolled, a little sheen on the water was visible.  Garland County Environmental Troops were called out to assess and assist with the situation.

The homeowners were very gracious, helpful and assisted 911 as needed.

No injuries were reported in connection to this event.

The final disposition of the boat is not known to me.