Arkansas 911 News

Assault On Sheriff’s Jailer; Deputy Injured..Escape From Jail; Manhunt – HOT SPRING COUNTY

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All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

Just before noon yesterday, Hot Spring County Jail Inmate (convicted, violent felon) Aaron Singleton, 27 of Malvern, allegedly assaulted a Hot Spring County Deputy Sheriff inside the jail and escaped on foot from captivity.

WANTED: Escapee Aaron Singleton, 27 of Malvern

The Hot Spring County Sheriff’s Department came out in force along with Arkansas State Troopers, Arkansas Constables, Malvern Police, Rockport Police, Arkansas Community Correction Special Response Teams and the Arkansas Department of Correction K-9 Unit.

The K-9 track was started soon after the escape.  Law enforcement officers saturated the area and checked key areas and buildings in the area of the search.  Traffic on Highway 67 in Perla was stopped as a safety precaution when the K-9 Team crossed the highway.

Officers responded with urgency around 5PM when a tip came in from the Mount Willow Road Young Road Intersection.  A church at that location was reported to have a kicked in door.  Officers believed that the escapee could be there.  Officers surrounded the church.  The K-9 Team entered the building and cleared it.  The escapee was not there.

HSCO Sheriff Cash released a statement at 5PM explaining the situation.  I immediately went live with that press release on the Arkansas 911 News Facebook Page.   You can watch that video below.

My coverage of this manhunt ended around 6PM.  However, the sheriff and everyone helping with the search continued to search well into the night and probably through the morning.

If you have information that can help officers to locate Aaron Singleton or if you see him, please call 911 with location, direction of travel, description of clothing, description of vehicle and any other info you feel is pertinent.

Arkansas Community Correction Special Response Team Agent Emerson prepares to join the manhunt.