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Armed, Uncooperative Man Gets Tased 3 Times & Shot With Shotgun Twice; Felony Arrest – HOT SPRINGS

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All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Hot Springs Police Officer 1st Class Lewis responded to the Arlington Hotel on Central Avenue around 1AM this morning in reference to the report of a disorderly man making threats to Arlington Security Staff and carrying a large metal pipe.

OFC Lewis arrived on scene to allegedly find Orlando Lamont Clark, 44, homeless of Hot Springs, fitting the description of the suspect and walking in front of the Wax Museum, allegedly with a large pipe over his shoulder and a black bag over the other shoulder.

Orlando Lamont Clark, 44, homeless of Hot Springs – tazed and shot with less lethal rounds before giving up.

OFC Lewis ordered Mr. Clark to stop.  Mr. Clark allegedly yelled “what for?”.  Officer Lewis says that at this point, he advised Mr. Clark that he was under arrest.  Mr. Clark then allegedly walked to the middle of the street and raised the pipe.  OFC Lewis deployed his tazer against Mr. Clark.  The tazer had no effect due to the thick clothing the suspect was wearing at the time.  Mr. Clark then allegedly fled southbound on Central Avenue.

HSPD OFC Jones arrived and the officers caught up to Mr. Clark.  OFC Lewis deployed the tazer a second time with the same negative results.  Mr. Clark used the pipe he was allegedly carrying to break the leads on the tazer weapon on this second attempt at zapping him back into compliance.  Mr. Clark continued fleeing south on Central to Mountain Street.  He ran up Mountain Street to Exchange Street where HSPD Corporal Rostan was waiting with a less lethal shotgun set up.

The 3 officers gave commands to stop, drop the pipe, etc. continually until they got back down to Central Avenue where Cpl. Rostan finally fired the less lethal shotgun round striking the suspect.  Mr. Clark allegedly took off running again and was shot with a second less lethal shotgun round and tazed for a 3rd time, this time by Off. Cox.  The arrest was made in the 600 Block of Central Avenue.

Contact was then made with a witness/victim of the original threats that were allegedly made at the hotel.  According to the police report, the witness says that Mr. Clark told him that “if the fucking police don’t get here, I’m going to bust your head open with this pipe”.

Mr. Clark was taken to the hospital and medicated.

Mr. Clark is charged with Felony Terroristic Threatening, Carrying A Weapon, Fleeing and Resisting Arrest.  Bail was not able to be determined due to his medical condition.