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Arkansas 911 News shared Central Pawn Shop's photo. ... See MoreSee Less

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Arkansas 911 News updated their cover photo. ... See MoreSee Less

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SALINE COUNTY - HWY 70/NARROWS ROAD: serious injury crash..lane(s) blocked ... See MoreSee Less

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HOT SPRINGS - CENTRAL AVE/OAKLAWN CASINO: traffic injury ... See MoreSee Less

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Arkansas 911 News shared Holcomb's Transport & Recovery, Inc.'s photo. ... See MoreSee Less

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UPDATE$500 REWARDPLEASE SHAREGARLAND COUNTYWe received a call late this pm that Leo was spotted at 4:15 PM on 02/17/17 in the Old Dallas Road area near Harvey Ray Lane laying in the road.Le...

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there are people in the world (hot springs, AR/china/zambeezee/wherever) that can not behave.

whether they are mentally/developmentally handicapped, they weren't taught correctly as a child, failed to rehabilitate while incarcerated, they think they are being cute or funny, maybe they are criminally minded, sociopathic - whatever their problem; they are on earth and they are in the internet....and they are among us here on facebook.

NOW......some of these people get on the Arkansas 911 News facebook page. they are not able to behave and i ban them from the page.

so, they get all emotionally wound up and want revenge. so, these punks are "going to show maddox" and "ruin maddox, arkansas 911 news, destroy all of maddox's income sources between advertisers" and all that jazz.

i don't know if other, local news folks have this kind of trouble (and channel 7, channel 4, foxnews, CNN, BBC, and the rest of 'em), but i do know 1 thing: the brightest bulb is the 1 that everybody wants to break. arkansas 911 news is a bright bulb. it gets a lot of attention. we are sitting at 50,000 likes on facebook and have over 50,000 (slow time of year - usually 70,000) page views per month at the website.

so, arkansas 911 news and maddox are magnets for people that want to cause trouble. the amount of people causing trouble is negligible (less than 1% of the viewers watching arkansas 911 news). so, try to keep that in perspective.

the overwhelming majority of the people watching AR911NEWS know when i am making a post and when the hijackers make posts under my name.

the hijackers have created a duplicate page that looks just like AR911 NEWS and facebook allows this type of activity. it looks exactly like me commenting. the problem with them is:

1) they can not spell/punctuate/convey clear thoughts & messages

2) they always talk about "negroes", "blackies", "nazis", "penises", "gays" and other stuff that makes no sense

3) their hate speech is falling on 50,000 sets of deaf ears. so now, they have resorted to posting fake follow up comments to real posts that i make. which can be potentially dangerous.

i don't have the time to babysit these slow 4 yr olds on here. so here is how to beat the hackers:

1) when you see a post that you have questions about, click on the blue Arkansas 911 News name that identifies the person that made that particular comment. you will go straight to the page that made that comment. the hacker page looks just like the real AR911NEWS page. what you are looking for when you get to that page is activity. my posts go back to around 2013 (if you care to scroll back that far). the fake page goes back (at this point) about 4 days. i have thousands of pics in my PICTURES section. the fake page has (at this point) about 6 stolen, copyrighted pics of mine. but the kicker, the surefire way to KNOW that you are on the correct page: it will say 49,800 likes. the fake page might have duped 12 - 27 drunk people into liking them - if any at all.

2) all of my UPDATES are an edit to the post. MY updates are added above the original post text NOT as a comment where everybody else is commenting below the pic in the "comments" section. the hackers can not type in the original post section. they can only COMMENT on a post.

AR911NEWS is going stronger than ever. there are always little problems that pop up. but, my advertisers are THE BEST! they always come through, they stick around because they see the value they get for their advertising dollar, they enjoy helping and seeing this thing grow and they love it when people come in and say "i saw you on arkansas 911 news". as far as advertising, AR911NEWS (at this point) is the type of thing where you put your logo and let it sit. obtain and maintain your "top of mind" presence with a large, local audience for what amounts to peanuts in terms of advertising dollars.

i hired an ad sales manager and he is, quite frankly, kicking ass. i gave him an assignment and this guy produced like no one before.

i am working on a couple of BIG projects right now. the delay with these projects is, of course, money. speaking of which, my accountant is working on an investment option for those well off enough to allow your money to work for you. it's a very interesting idea that could return 5% or so in less than 12 months - investing in AR911NEWS. i'm being told that current, standard investment rates are down around 2%. it involves creating a business plan and everything. he is in charge of all that, thank God.

anyway, just click on the person that made the post to determine which AR911NEWS FB Page made the post and it's as easy as that.

clear as mud? great!

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