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AR Fire Training Academy Holds Advanced Training At Piney FD HQ – GARLAND COUNTY

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Piney Fire Department hosted the Advanced Exterior Fire Fighting Class that the Arkansas Fire Training Academy offered last week in Garland County.

This advanced training was attended by several fire departments from around the state including Piney FD, Mt. Pine FD, Bonnerdale FD, Mt. Ida FD, Salem FD and Sherwood FD.

Arkansas Fire Training Academy Instructor Gary Meadows

Arkansas Fire Training Academy Instructor Gary Meadows brought this high speed training to our Fire Heroes.  The class began with an in depth and specific safety brief.  He took charge of his training scenarios by setting boundaries, defining the roles of everyone on the property and assigned those people to remain in designated areas.  One of the rules was all firefighters entering the training perimeter, including Instructor Meadows had to be dressed in full firefighting turnout gear.  Inst. Meadows and the other Fire Bosses present, including Piney Fire Lieutenant Scott Miser, kept a close eye on everyone and everything.  I did not perceive any problems with safety issues at all.  Inst. Meadows even went so far as to get blood pressure readings for everyone participating in the training.  Each firefighter had to have their blood pressure fall within acceptable parameters.  Otherwise, they were excluded from the class.

After the Safety brief was conducted, training began.  The instructions were clear and straightforward. Everybody did as instructed and everything worked out just fine.

Sherwood Firefighter Andrew Estelle came all the way from Sherwood to attend this training.

The training consisted of 3 scenarios.  Instructor Meadows was positioned at the control panel of AFTA’s 250 gallon propane trailer.  He sat at a control panel that operated the flow of propane from the propane trailer to the training devices that provided the flames for this training.

In the first scenario, firefighters are tasked with extinguishing a car fire with a standard fire hose.  Martin’s Towing of Garland County donated and transported an already burned out car to the training stage for use in the training.  I went live on Facebook for these scenarios.  Click the video below to see the Fire Troops attack that car fire.

The second scenario consisted of a simulated, burning house style propane tank with the pop-off valve blown.   The flames from this exercise shot 40 feet into the sky and you could feel the heat from this thing for sure!

The third scenario simulated a residential natural gas main found on houses equipped with natural gas.  The fire team had to spray the flames away from the valve as a firefighter bent down and turned the valve off.

Click on the video below to see the pop-off valve and gas main scenarios described above.