Arkansas 911 News

Allegedly Trespassing With Meth; Felony Arrest x3 – HOT SPRINGS

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All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Hot Springs Police Corporal May and Officer 1st Class W. Smith report the following:

On 07/04/19 at approximately 1241 hours, OFC Wes Smith #168 and I (Cpl. Kenny May #131) were patrolling on foot behind Edwards Motor Company (600 Malvern Ave.).  The owner of that property has requested HSPD perform extra patrols due to ongoing issues with trespassing.

While patrolling on foot, OFC Smith observed three individuals sitting down on the backside of that property, near the city greenway.  Those individuals were later identified as: Lane Brown, Elizabeth Louissaint, and John Scott.

OFC Smith informed me that he observed Brown holding a pipe that he believed to be a methamphetamine pipe, and ingest something from it. He then observed Brown pass the pipe to Scott, who accepted possession of it. We then made contact with the individuals and detained each of them. I located the glass pipe, which was still smoking, on the ground directly next to Scott. We both recognized the pipe to be consistent with pipes used to ingest methamphetamine.

Lane Anthony Brown, 23, homeless in Hot Springs – allegedly found sharing dope with other people.

Elizabeth “Liz” Madelyn Louissaint, 30, homeless in Hot Springs – allegedly found with a couple of guys smoking dope.

John Lee Scott, 22, of School Street in Hot Springs – allegedly found with two others smoking dope.

Upon making contact, Louissaint pointed to a marijuana pipe that was attached to the outside of her purse in an open pouch (in plain view). She made the spontaneous utterance that the marijuana pipe was hers. In the pouch right beside the pipe, was a clear plastic bag with crystalline residue that we both knew to be consistent with methamphetamine. Louissaint later confirmed that she does not have a Medical Marijuana Card.

On the ground where all three subjects were sitting, there was a “Marlboro” cigarette package. The cigarette package was located in an area easily accessible to all three subjects. Inside, officers located a straw that had been cut in a manner consistent with ingesting methamphetamine. There was also a small piece of twisted paper that contained a substance that was later tested and showed a positive reaction for the presumptive identification of methamphetamine. It weighed .4 grams.

Mr. Brown and Mr. Scott were both placed under arrest, transported to Garland County Detention Center, and charged with Felony Possession Of A Controlled Substance and Felony Drug Paraphernalia, with a bond amount totaling $5,000 each. Ms. Louissaint was also arrested, transported to GCDC, and charged with Felony Possession Of A Controlled Substance, Felony Drug Paraphernalia, and Drug Paraphernalia, with a bond amount totaling $6,000.