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Allegedly Selling Child Pornography On The Internet; Felony Arrest – HOT SPRINGS

By E’Lyse Golden, Investigative Reporter

On December 3, Agents with the Attorney General’s Department served a search warrant at a residence on Pyrenees Way in Hot Springs Village.

Members of the Attorney General’s Office Cyber Crimes Unit were conducting authorized internet undercover operations and found a computer in Arkansas that was offering to sell child pornography.

The reports showed that the owner of the computer, later to be identified as Daniel Kimball, 55, of Pyrenees Way in Hot Springs Village, started selling child pornography on April 17, 2019.

The last report of Kimball selling child pornography on the computer was for September 1.

On October 7, agents served a subpoena to the computer’s internet service provider, Suddenlink Communications. The subpoena requested the owner’s information.

On December 3, agents served the search warrant and interviewed the members of the home.

Kimball allegedly admitted that he had been selling, viewing, and was in possession of child pornography.

Agents searched Kimball’s laptop and allegedly found over 30 pornographic images of children.

Hot Springs Village Police arrested Kimball and transported him to the Garland County Detention Center.

Kimball is charged with Distributing, Viewing, And Possessing Child Pornography x30. No bond was set.

Daniel Kimball, 55, of Pyrenees Way in Hot Springs Village