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Allegedly Meth’d Up In The Drive Thru… 25 MPH Pursuit; Felony Arrest – HOT SPRINGS

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Story by Arkansas 911 News Writer Amanda Goodman

All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Hot Springs Police Officer Cheatham reports the following:

On 08/26/19 at approximately 0740 hours, I (Officer Cheatham; 140) responded to 4395 Central Ave. (McDonald’s) in reference to a possibly intoxicated subject.

The caller, an employee, stated that a white female in a red Chevy car was sitting in the drive through and would not move.  The caller said that she had already paid for her food, but would not pull forward.

Upon my arrival, I observed a long line of cars backed up in the drive through line.  As I made my way around I could see a red car, with a white female driver sitting in the front of the line.  An employee approached me in the parking lot and stated that the female appeared to be under the influence of something, and was acting very strange.

As I drove towards the car it attempted to drive away.  When it did an unknown SUV pulled in front of it attempting to block it in.  The car then started to go in reverse.  As it did another employee working the drive through shouted from the window that she needed to be stopped because she was under the influence.

As the car attempted to leave the parking lot I initiated my lights, in an attempt to stop the vehicle.  Fearing for public safety.  The vehicle came to a stop at the edge of the parking lot, attempting to turn right onto Central Ave.  The vehicle then accelerated onto Central Ave. going north, nearly hitting the curb with the passenger front tire.

A check of the vehicle’s license plate returned to a vehicle matching that description, however dispatch advised that it returned license plate replaced, check VIN for current registration.  The vehicle continued approximately 200 yards going approximately 15MPH, passing two spots to pull over.  I then activated my sirens on my police unit as the vehicle continued to refuse to stop.

I could see the driver looking back in the rearview mirror at me then reaching over to the passenger seat.  She repeated this action many times.

The vehicle continued north on Central Ave. and then turned right onto Lakeland. Speeds still never getting above 25 MPH.  Once on Lakeland the vehicle turned into the drive of 150 Lakeland.  It continued up the drive for approximately 150 yards then came to a stop.

I then began conducting a felony traffic stop, and issuing commands for the driver to turn off, and exit the vehicle.  The driver complied with my commands, and once more units showed, she was placed under arrest.  The female was identified as Candace Thompson.

Candace Brook Thompson, 27, of Glen Rose Road in Malvern – allegedly backed up the McDonald’s drive thru line, refused to stop for police, and was found with a meth pipe.

Upon search of the vehicle incident to arrest I discovered a clear glass pipe in the driver seat, under the seat cover.  The pipe had a white rock like residue inside it, consistent with methamphetamine.

Thompson was transported to the Garland County Detention Center for booking.  Once at the jail Thompson was read and signed her rights form stating that she understood them.  Thompson admitted that the pipe found was hers.

I was able to scrape some of the white substance from the pipe and test it using a field test kit.  The substance tested positive for the presumptive identification of methamphetamine.

Thompson was charged with Felony Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia and Fleeing, with a bond amount totaling $3,500.