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Alleged: Victims Robbed Of Their Weed At GunPoint; Felony Arrests – HOT SPRINGS

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Posted by Arkansas 911 News Chief Editor Paul Maddox

All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Hot Springs Police Officer Caldwell reports that he was dispatched to the complaint of an aggravated robbery that had just occurred on January 8, 2021, around 7PM, in the area of East Grand Avenue at Crescent Street.

Officers arrived and met with the 2 victims who stated that Michael Brown, 22, homeless in Hot Springs, held them at gunpoint as he took their 10mm Glock pistol, 2 cell phones and a $300 “zip” of marijuana (approximately 28 grams) that had just been purchased.  The total value of the heisted items = approximately $1,650.  Witnesses in the area of this event report that the male with the gun picked up items from the ground, got into an older model green Ford Thunderbird and departed the area.

Approximately an hour later, Officer J. Smith was on patrol in the area of 3rd Street when he saw the suspect vehicle turn onto Pond Street.  The vehicle did not use the turn signal when it made the turn.

Off. Smith turned on the blue lights and conducted a traffic stop on the suspect vehicle.  As he approached the Thunderbird, he detected the strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle.  Off. Smith made contact with the driver, Trevon Lashaun Gabbard, 21, of Frona Street in Garland County.

Trevon Lashaun Gabbard, 21, of Frona Street in Garland County – Allegedly drove the getaway car.

Mr. Gabbard’s pertinents were checked through the police computer.  The check revealed that his driver’s license was suspended.  Mr. Gabbard was told that the car was going to be searched due to the odor of marijuana present.  Mr. Gabbard asked for an HSPD Supervisor and then exited the car.  Off. Smith attempted to handcuff Mr. Gabbard, but, he resisted the effort and shut the driver’s door.  Mr. Gabbard was arrested.

Back-up Officer Crook identified the passenger as the suspect in the armed robbery from an hour earlier that took place a Grand Avenue/Crescent Street.

Inside the vehicle, officers found a Sarsilmaz ST9 9mm pistol (with a round chambered and 16 rounds in the magazine) and 2 clear plastic bags of marijuana (1 bag = 11.1 grams and the other bag = .9 gram).

One of the armed robbery victims came to the scene and positively identified the armed robbery suspect that confronted him as Michael Dewayne Brown, Jr., 22, homeless in Hot Springs.  Mr. Brown was arrested.

Michael Dewayne Brown, Jr., 22, homeless in Hot Springs – Allegedly aggravatedly robbed a pair of their pistol and weed…and cell phones. Then, got away in a green Thunderbird.

Both suspects were transported to the detective office.  Both victims drove themselves to the detective office.  Everybody met with Detective Vanderburg.

During the interviews that followed, Mr. Gabbard said that he picked Mr. Brown up in the area of Crescent Street at East Grand Avenue.  He said that after he picked him up (in his green Thunderbird), Mr. Brown told him that he had robbed a couple of white boys for some weed.  Mr. Gabbard said that they drove around and that he (Gabbard) was not involved in the robbery.  He also said that when Mr. Brown got in the Thunderbird, he placed a gun and marijuana in the glove box.  Mr. Gabbard said that “he” owed one of the victims $100 for some mariuana, but, they are friends.

Mr. Brown denied any involvement with the robbery.

Mr. Brown was convicted of a felony crime in Garland County 2017.  Convicted felons are prohibited from possessing firearms in Arkansas.

Mr. Gabbard is charged with Felony Aggravated Robbery, Resisting Arrest, Possession Of A Controlled Substance and Driving While License Is Suspended and was initially being held without bond.

Mr. Brown is charged with Felony Aggravated Robbery, Felony Possession Of A Firearm By Certain Persons and Possession Of A Controlled Substance and was initially being held without bond.

The report does not indicate whether Mr. Gabbard got to see the HSPD Supervisor or not.