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Alleged Speeding Leads To DWI Charge; Arrest – HOT SPRINGS

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All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Hot Springs Police Officer R. Plyler reports the following:

On 06/29/2019, at approximately 0331 hours, I, Ofc. R. Plyler #105, was traveling south on Summer Street behind a silver Dodge Charger. The vehicle was traveling at a speed of 46 miles per hour in a 30 mile per hour zone with the license plate light not functioning. I conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle in the 300 block of Albert Pike Road and made contact with the driver, Whitney McWilliams. While talking to McWilliams, I detected a strong odor of intoxicants emitting from her person and breath. McWilliams had blood shot watery eyes and a slight slur in her speech. When asked for her driver’s license, McWilliams had trouble locating it when it was in her front pocket. McWilliams was then asked to complete the standard field sobriety tests.

Whitney Morgan McWilliams, 23, of Oakridge Road in Garland County – arrested for DWI after allegedly speeding and failing the field sobriety tests

HGN: McWilliams was placed into the starting position and when asked stated she did not have any problems with her eyes and that she was wearing contacts. Once the test started, McWilliams was unable to perform the test due to her not being able to follow my finger as instructed. During the test, McWilliams was unsteady on her feet and was swaying from side to side.

Walk and Turn: During the walk and turn test, McWilliams attempted to start the test before instructed and was unsteady on her feet. After instruction were given the test was started. McWilliams missed all heel to toe steps on both sets of steps. McWilliams had approximately 6-8 inches between each step and only took a total of 8 steps on each set. McWilliams also stepped offline on all counts and failed to count out loud as instructed. McWilliams also failed to perform the turn as instructed due to her spinning around instead of taking the several small steps.

One Leg Stand: During this test, McWilliams was placed into starting position. While instructions were being given she attempted to start the test. After she was instructed to start the test McWilliams was unable to hold her right leg up for the test, used her arms for balance and nearly stumbled.

McWilliams did provide a breath sample on a portable breath machine with the result of 0.12.

McWilliams was placed into custody and transported to the Garland County Detention Center for processing. McWilliams was read her rights and she signed and initialed stating she understood them. McWilliams was monitored for the required 20 minutes after throwing up in the back seat of my unit before being taken into the BAC room to provide a breath sample. McWilliams provided a breath sample. McWilliams provided a breath sample of the Into EC/IR-II with the results of 0.176. McWilliams was charged with DWI #1.

Ms. McWilliams is charged with DWI #1 with a bond amount totaling $1,000.