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Alleged: Refuses To Leave..Bows Up On Police..Rides The Lightning; Felony Arrest – HOT SPRINGS

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Posted by Arkansas 911 News Chief Editor Paul Maddox

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Hot Springs Police Officer Ugartechea reports that he was dispatched to a residence on Wise Street last weekend for the complaint of an ex-boyfriend that was refusing to leave the residence.

Timothy Odell Joyce, 44, of Spring Street in Hot Springs – allegedly, instead of just leaving the residence, police came, zapped him twice and found his meth.

Off. Ugartechea arrived and made contact with the complainant and the suspect, Timothy Odell Joyce, 44, of Spring Street in Hot Springs.  Mr. Joyce was sitting on a table in the living room.  He ignored commands and then became loud and aggressive during the contact.  Off. Ugartechea explained that the complainant wanted him to leave.  Mr. Joyce said that he was not leaving.  Then, he said he would leave when he was ready.  Mr. Joyce then got up aggressively went to the door and slammed it.  Off. Ugartechea pushed the door back open.  This sequence repeated at least one more time.

Officer Ugartechea pulled out the tazer and sent a 5 second jolt of “stop it now, Sir” to Mr. Joyce.  Mr. Joyce fell to the floor, but still did not comply.  Off. Ugartechea offered up a second jolt of “stop it now, Sir”.  After the second zap, Mr. Joyce rolled over, put his hands behind his back and cooperated from then on.

During the search that followed the arrest, Off. Ugartechea found .4 gram meth in Mr. Joyce’s pocket.

Mr. Joyce is charged with Felony Possession Of A Controlled Substance and Disorderly Conduct with a bond amount totaling $3,000.