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Alleged: Probationer With Suspended DL, No Insurance And Dope; Felony Arrest – HOT SPRINGS

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Posted by Arkansas 911 News Chief Editor Paul Maddox

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All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Hot Springs Police Officer Ward was on patrol in the 800 Block of Springs Street last weekend around 7:30AM when he found an unlicensed green Ford Ranger being operated on public roads.  He turned on the blue lights and conducted a traffic stop on that vehicle.


Off. Ward made contact with the driver, Timothy B. Sheffield, 30, of Bull Bayou Road in Garland County.  mr. Sheffield’s pertinents were checked through the police computer.  The check revealed that Mr. Sheffield was an active probationer with a search waiver on file and a suspended driver’s license.  Off. Ward told Probationer Sheffield that his license was suspended.  He became very nervous and began moving items around beside him.  Off. Ward told him to knock it off and exit the vehicle.  Off. Ward arrested him and advised that the vehicle was about to be searched.

Probationer Sheffield said “man, I’ve got some stuff in my vehicle”…”there is an eyeglass case in the center console with some meth in it”.  During the search of the vehicle, Off. Ward located a blue eyeglass case with a baggie containing approximately 1.5 grams of meth.

Probationer Sheffield was transported to the Garland County Detention Center for processing.  At the detention center, admitted that what was found during the vehicle search was meth.

Probationer Sheffield is charged with Felony Possession Of A Controlled Substance, Driving On Suspended Driver’s License, No Proof Of Liability Insurance and Failure To Register Vehicle Within 30 Days Of Purchase with a bond amount totaling $2,500.