Arkansas 911 News

Alleged Burglars Busted; Felony Arrest x2 – JESSIEVILLE

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All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

The Garland County Sheriff’s Patrol responded to Ann Street in Jessieville to investigate the complaint of a burglary in Mid-October.

The complainant alleges that he arrived at a friend’s house on Ann Street and found a white pick-up parked in the driveway with a flat-tire.  He stopped to check it and a white female came out from a residence across the street, said that the truck had a flat and that they had just parked it there until they could get it fixed.

The complainant then checked the friend’s residence and discovered that it had been forcibly entered and all the appliances were missing as well as other property worth $3,655.

On the same day, another home owner arrived at his residence on Ann Street to allegedly find a a white female known to him as “Haleigh” and a black male inside the residence.  The cabin door had allegedly been forced open and a second door in the residence was also allegedly forced open.  The suspects allegedly departed the house.  The victim reports $1,150 worth of property is missing.

The suspects were identified by investigators as Haleigh Michelle Fisher (AKA Hayja), 18, of Ann Street in Jessieville, and Latrell Quandarries Jackson, 18, of Crystal Hill Road in Garland County.  Property items taken during these burglaries had been allegedly posted for sale by the suspects on social media websites.

Haleigh Michelle Fisher (AKA Hayja), 18, of Ann Street in Jessieville – alleged burglar

Latrell Quandarries Jackson, 18, of Crystal Hill Road in Garland County – alleged burglar

A few days later, one of these burglary victim’s residence was again forcibly entered.  Sleeping bags valued at $210 were stolen.  At the time the victim found this second burglary, he allegedly observed the 2 suspects and an older white female next door trying to take a boat that was parked in the yard.  When he approached them, they got in a white truck and departed the area.

The next day, investigators responded to another address on Ann Street.  That complainant had found property at that residence, including sleeping bags, that did not belong there.  Some of the items were believed to have been taken from one of the Ann Street burglaries days before.

The victim was able to identify the sleeping bags and other property as his.  The victim was shown photo lineups containing pics of both suspects.  He was able to select both of them from the choices presented to him.

Arrest warrants were sworn out on the 2 suspects and entered into the police computer.

On October 28, 2019 at 6:40PM, both suspects were arrested at the Garland County Detention Center and processed.  Ms. Fisher and Mr. Jackson are each charged with Felony Burglary with a bond amount of $15,000.