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Alleged: Armed Fugitive Wanted By U.S. Marshals Runs From HSPD K-9; Felony Arrest – HOT SPRINGS

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Posted by Arkansas 911 News Chief Editor Paul Maddox

All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Hot Springs Police K-9 Officer McCauley reports that she was dispatched to the 200 block of Avery Street on Christmas Eve around 10PM for the call of a battery that had taken place.

She arrived and saw a person that fit the description of the suspect.  She stopped, got out of her vehicle and ordered the suspect to stop, but the suspect, later identified as Casey Wade Hartley, 31, of Norman Street in Hot Springs, fled on foot up Avery Street.

Casey Wade Hartley, 31, of Norman Street in Hot Springs – Allegedly had a gun and ran from police.

He was ordered to stop or K-9 dog “Kubo” would explain things to him in terms he could understand.  Kubo was told to catch the runner and he took off after him.  Mr. Hartley was weaving and bobbing…and Off. McCauley could no longer see her land shark.  So, she called him off the chase and he returned to her empty handed.  She believed that the suspect was still in the immediate area.  She and Kubo walked a little bit on Avery Street.

They found Mr. Hartley on the front porch of a residence on Avery Street.  Mr. Hartley was ordered to lay down and get handcuffed.  Officer Rideout arrived to assist and Mr. Hartley was arrested.

A witness at the scene said they saw the suspect running with a gun and threw it on the ground near where he was arrested.  Officers looked around and found a .22 caliber revolver in the grass right on the path where Mr. Hartley ran.

Officers met with the battery complainant.  She says that the alleged battery occurred when he was in her parked car on Noles Street and would not get out of it.  She pulled his shirt and he slapped her in the face.  The report says that a 14 year old was in the vehicle at the time and was possibly also struck in the same manner.

Mr. Hartley was escorted to the police car for transport.  But when they got to the door, he began to push back, went limp and started screaming that him having the gun was a lie.  Then he began turning, kicking at officers and screamed that he will fight to the death.  Officers put some police moves on him, picked him back up, placed him ever so gently into the police car, made sure he was comfortable and then transported him to the Garland County Detention Center for processing.

Mr. Hartley remained unruly and uncooperative at the jail.  He is charged with Felony Possession Of Firearm By Certain Persons, Resisting Arrest, Fleeing, Domestic Battery and Assault On Household Or Family Member and was initially held without bond.  A U.S. Marshals hold has since been placed on Mr. Hartley.