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AHP Checkpoint: Overweight Commercial Vehicles On The Bypass – HOT SPRINGS

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All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Arkansas Highway Police Lieutenant Harris and his Highway Police Troops arrived in Hot Springs last week to conduct a roadside inspection targeting overweight commercial vehicles.

Arkansas Highway Police Lieutenant Harris

AHP Officers set up the temporary weigh station on McLeod Street under the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Expressway.  That spot remained manned by Lt. Harris, his assistant Sergeant Harris and a couple of officers.  Other officers went up on the expressway and stopped vehicles that they suspected might be overweight.  Those suspected overweight vehicles were directed to proceed to the checkpoint location where they were weighed.

Lt. Harris explained that they don’t just run up there and pick any truck for inspection on an operation like this.  They look for clues among the vehicle that tip them off to a possible overweight situation.  If the officers see clues, they stop the vehicle for a better look.  If they become more suspicious after contacting the vehicle during the traffic stop, they are selected for inspection.

AHP Officers carry scales in their patrol cars that are very capable of weighing loads of greater than 40,000 pounds.

Lt. Harris said that the officers conducting this checkpoint are stationed as far away as Dumas and beyond.  We have 1 AHP Officer living here in Garland County.  We don’t see Officer Clark a lot around Hot Springs because his patrol zone stretches from the Montgomery County Line to The Mississippi River and down to about Eldorado – virtually the entire South East corner of the state.  He does some driving!

Arkansas Highway Police enforce all of the laws that other law enforcement agencies enforce.  Their main mission is to enforce the laws with regard to commercial transport on the highways and roads of Arkansas.  AHP Officers operate the many commercial vehicle weigh stations that are scattered throughout the state.  AHP Officers also do an excellent job of busting dope smugglers.

Here’s a shot of a permanent ARDOT Highway Police Weigh Station on an Arkansas Interstate.

During the operation, AHP Officers stopped and checked vehicles including dump trucks, a cement truck, log trucks and at least 1 large pick-up truck pulling a huge trailer with a building on it.  Citations were issued during this operation.