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Absconding Probationer Runs, Jumps From Motel Window..Tazed..Stolen Vehicle; Arrest – HOT SPRINGS

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All suspects are presumed innocent until determined guilty in court.

Hot Springs Police Officers were dispatched to a motel in the area of the Central Avenue/Hobson Avenue around 2AM Monday in reference to a stolen vehicle that had been possibly located.

Officers arrived at the motel, found the truck and confirmed that it had been stolen out of Hot Spring County.  The officers figured out which motel room was connected to the truck and they headed that way.  HSPD Officer Cox noticed that a person was peering out the window of the target room as officers approached.  HSPD Corporal Rostan went behind the motel in order to cover the rear in case someone tried to flee through the back of the motel.  As he got into position, Absconding Probationer James Lee Billington, 37 and homeless, of Hot Springs, jumped out the rear window of the target room and fled on foot.

Absconding Probationer James Lee Billington, 37 and homeless, of Hot Springs – tazed and jailed

Several officers chased Probationer Billington toward Watt Street where HSPD Officer Vanderburg was waiting with the tazer gun.  The report says that the suspect was warned to stop or be tazed.  Probationer Billington allegedly did not stop running and was zapped into compliance.

Probationer Billington was arrested, handcuffed and taken back to the motel so officers could investigate the entire situation.  Officers discovered that Probationer Billington was wanted out of Hot Springs for Failure To Appear and Absconding from probation.  A backpack full of stolen cell phones and some tools were allegedly found in the motel room.  The phones  are believed to have been stolen from a Hot Spring County business at the time the truck was stolen.

Also located inside the room was Kady Pressler of parts unknown.  She had a valid Failure To Appear warrant out for her arrest.  She was arrested and transported to the Garland County Detention Center along with Probationer Billington.

Probationer Billington is charged with Fleeing, Felony Theft By Receiving and Failure To Appear with a bond amount totaling $bond not available.