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Absconding Parolee Flees HSPD..Trooper Uses PIT Move; Arrest – HOT SPRINGS

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All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

Hot Springs Police attempted to stop a pick-up truck last night in the area of Augustus Street.  The driver allegedly refused to stop and sped off in a reckless manner.

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The driver was reported to have driven left of center and without lights during the night time chase.  HSPD Officers pursued the truck down Airport Road to the Bypass where the parade proceeded eastbound on the Bypass.

The suspect almost lost control of the truck at least once before Arkansas State Police Troopers joined the chase on the Bypass in the area of the Higdon Ferry Ramps.  Trooper 1st Class Margis (known by some as K-19) got in position as they crossed Central Avenue and put the PIT (Pursuit Intervention Technique) on the suspect vehicle.  This action immediately cancelled the suspect’s vehicle’s ability to continue and effectively stopped the vehicle chase.  PIT is where the police car touches the suspect vehicle in such a way that the suspect loses control of his vehicle and the pursuit ends.

ASP PIT Bar – you can see the scuff if you look closely

The Arkansas State Troopers have special PIT bars on the front of most of their units.  TFC Margis performed this maneuver flawlessly.  The only damage to the trooper car was a scuff in the finish of the PIT bar.  You can’t do it any better than that.

Absconder Parolee Mark Joseph Guerin, 29 of Hot Springs – frequent flyer with the court system in Garland County

Once the suspect realized his truck could no longer operate, he allegedly jumped out and tried to flee on foot.  It was a very short foot race.  Absconder Parolee Mark Joseph Guerin, 29 of Hot Springs, was arrested a few feet from his disabled vehicle.  His charges include a $2,500 bond Failure To Appear and a no bond Parole Hold.

No injuries were reported in connection to this event.