Arkansas 911 News

90 Mph Trooper Pursuit, PIT, Tazed In Buttocks; Arrest – HOT SPRINGS

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All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

Arkansas State Trooper Wingo was on patrol in the area of the Oaklawn Casino when he allegedly observed a white Nissan Pick-up truck with a tail light discrepancy.  He proceeded to conduct a traffic stop, but the truck fled from him.

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Speeds during this pursuit allegedly registered in the 90 Mph range as the parade headed south on Hidden Ferry.  The suspect hit Central Avenue at Allen Tillery Chevrolet, turned around and went back up Higdon Ferry.  Tip. Wingo executed a PIT Maneuver on the fleeing Nissan.  The Nissan was spun across the highway, over the curb and jammed against a dirt embankment.

Dale Edward White, 18 years old – allegedly fled from a trooper and had to be tazed back into compliance

The driver, Dale Edward White, 18, allegedly jumped out of his vehicle and ran into the woods.  Trp. Wingo chased him down in the woods and during the course of all of this alleged nonsense, zapped the suspect in the gluteus maximus with the tazer gun.  The suspect was then handcuffed and escorted back to the scene.

Hot Springs Police Corporal Langley and his associates arrived quickly and assisted with the operation while Trp. Wingo went into the ambulance to get checked out.  He dinged up his arm in the process.  ASP Corporal Oseguera soon arrived and took charge of the suspect while Trp. Wingo drove himself to the hospital for further assistance with his arm.

LifeNet Troops removed the tazer hooks from the suspects derierre and medically cleared him for law enforcement.

Mr. White was transported to the Garland County Detention Center and charged with Felony Fleeing and Reckless Driving with a bond of $5,500.