Arkansas 911 News

8 Patients..4 Cars..1 Helicopter..Hwy. 70E Triage Injury Crash – GARLAND COUNTY

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Garland County Sheriff’s Patrol Deputy (FTO/TRT) Tatum investigated a 4 car triage injury crash yesterday around the 3700 Block of Highway 70 East.

Evidence at the scene showed that 4 vehicles were involved in this crash.  At least 1 vehicle sustained heavy front end damage,  3 vehicles sustained moderate front end damage and at least 1 vehicle was rear-ended in this crash.  All 4 vehicles came to final rest at the area of impact within about 40 ft. of each other.  Wreckage and debris covered all lanes.  Traffic stopped on it’s own..the highway was blocked.

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Morning Star Fire & Rescue Troops arrived quickly with at least 1 fire truck, 1 rescue truck and enough people to handle the situation.  They set up the helicopter landing zone on the highway at the scene, they assisted with medical care, cleanup duties and otherwise as needed.

LifeNet dispatched at least 4 Ambulance Crews, the EMS Supervisor and their Air Crew to the scene. EMS Supervisor Scroggins was quick to arrive and took charge of patient triage tasks.  Triage is where you have several injured people and must sort through the injuries, figure out which could be life threatening and treat/move patients in order of seriousness and manage the resources that are available to handle the orders.  In this case, there was plenty of help, no imminent dangers or problems at the scene, there were plenty of ambulances, enough medical gear to go around, bystanders were all behaving and nothing was hindering the operation.  It was all handled very smoothly.

Arkansas Highway Police assisted as necessary.

All 4 vehicles were towed from the scene.

Traffic flow was interrupted for approximately an hour and a half.