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4 Vehicle, Chain Reaction Rear End Injury Crash – GARLAND COUNTY

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Hot Springs Police investigated a chain reaction rear end injury crash involving 4 vehicles on the Bull Bayou Bridge Wednesday Afternoon.

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We all know how the westbound Piney Junction traffic sometimes backs up to the curve at Marina Liquor.  Traffic comes around that curve 45 Mph and meets backed up traffic stopped in the highway.  That scenario plays out daily on the Bull Bayou Bridge and is a likely scenario for this crash.







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All of the vehicles involved were traveling in the westbound fast lane when the crash occurred.

Hot Springs Fire Troops responded quickly and assisted as needed.  It looked like that maybe at least 2 of these vehicles became stuck together.  It appeared like HSFD was helping to free the vehicles by hand.

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LifeNet dispatched an ambulance crew and the EMS Supervisor to the scene.  At least 1 person was transported by ambulance to the hospital.

I departed the scene prior to the arrival of any wrecker trucks.

Traffic flow was interrupted for at least 30 minutes.

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