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$200 REWARD: Thieves Hit 911 Hero – GARLAND COUNTY

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$200 REWARD being offered for the return of an SD card containing approximately 300 pics

All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

Early this morning, Piney Fire Troop and Emergency Response Scuba Diver Bryan Carpenter was awakened with a phone call advising that his 2015 GMC Z71 truck had been run into a utility pole and abandoned at the roadside on Timberlake Drive.

The investigation revealed that the truck was stolen from his residence, where it had been parked for the night.  The suspect supposedly pried the back passenger door to gain entry to the vehicle, started the vehicle, somehow, and drove off….turned around and was headed back towards the house when the crash occurred.

The crash caused a huge amount of damage to the truck and all of that is bad enough.  But, when the suspect fled from the vehicle, he absconded with a black wallet, a Glock pistol and a Cannon Rebel Camera in a black bag with 4 lenses.

Arkansas 911 News is offering a $200 reward for the return of the SD card that was inside the camera when it was stolen.  Maddox gets the SD card WITH THE PICTURES IN TACT and the person that turns it over gets $200 cash – no questions asked.  The SD card contains pics of Bryan’s Mother who recently passed away.

The SD card that we are after is grey in color and is an ULTRA 32GB.

The Carpenter Family is very well known for their 911 service in and around Garland County.  Bryan is a Piney FD Firefighter and 911 Scuba Diver, Bill is an Arkansas Constable and 911 Scuba Diver and Jason is a Morning Star Fire Captain, former Arkansas Constable and 911 Scuba Diver.

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Somebody please get this SD card to me – THANKS!

Piney Firefighter Bryan Carpenter and his beloved, mother…the SD card will contain pics of this lady.