Arkansas 911 News

ASP Motorcycle Pursuit..Manhunt – GARLAND COUNTY

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All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

UPDATE – Arrest: CLICK HERE for arrest information

Arkansas State Police Corporal Cook allegedly observed a motorcycle being operated on a public road today in the area of Hwy 270 West near Woodland Shores Road.  He attempted to stop the motorcycle, but the rider allegedly took the trooper on a chase, instead.

The pursuit made it’s way to a residence on Williams Road off of Woodland Shores Road.  The motorcycle sped through the driveway of a residence and the large, Yamaha “R” model Super Sport Bike (like a Ninja) shot into the woods.  The trooper had to stop his car at the tree line, jumped out and ran on foot in pursuit of the suspect.  The suspect dropped the bike approximately 50 ft. into the tree line and ran for his life.

The trooper stopped, came back to his vehicle called for back up, got some water, called a wrecker, etc.  Back-up units including Garland County Sheriff’s Civil Division Corporal Hawthorn, ASP Trooper 1st Class Ray and Hot Springs Police K-9 Team Stillian/Onyx arrived quickly to assist.

The search party entered the woods at the tree line where the motorcycle went into the woods and the dog began tracking.  Item(s) believed to belong to the suspect were recovered deeper in the woods.  The K-9 track didn’t last long.

Based on the on-scene investigation, Cpl. Cook seemed confidant that he would catch up to the suspect tomorrow or so.

The AA Wrecker Driver pointed out to me that the frame on this motorcycle was cracked in 2 places.  The cracks were easily visible to anyone.  So, the rider should have been aware of this very dangerous situation.  The cracks were approximately 2 inches long and approximately 1/4 inch wide.  There is no way that dropping this bike on leaves and dirt would have caused this damage.  This suspect is extremely lucky that this powerhouse motorcycle did not just “fold up” while it was in use.

The suspect was identified as Bubba Fields of Hot Springs.  He is currently, allegedly on parole/probation and in possession of a suspended driver’s license.  His probation/parole officer is reportedly very anxious to speak with Mr. Fields.

If you see or know the location of Bubba Fields, don’t worry about it too much.  I’m sure the Heroes are punching out warrants for him right now.  He will turn up sooner or later – and when he does, they will deal with it then.