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18-Wheeler Rollover, Entrapment, Injury Crash – HOT SPRING COUNTY

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Arkansas 911 News coverage of 911 events in Hot Spring County is sponsored by TANNER’S TOWING & RECOVERY.

Arkansas State Police Trooper 1st Class Sawyer investigated this single vehicle rollover, entrapment injury crash at the I-30 WB Entrance Ramp last Wednesday.

Officials at the scene said that the 18-wheeler tanker attempted to take the curve too fast which made the entire thing topple over.  The tanker trailer broke loose and crushed the cab.  The combination vehicle came to final rest on it’s passenger side against the tree line.


Arkansas 911 News coverage of 911 events in Hot Spring County is Sponsored by TANNER’S TOWING & RECOVERY. Call ’em if you need ’em. And if you don’t need them, call ’em anyway and tell them “THANKS FOR SUPPORTING ARKANSAS 911 NEWS !”

Among the first people to stop and help were 2 Dallas, Texas Police Officers in uniform.  It was reported to me that they had just finished a recruiting function at a Central Arkansas College and were en route back to Texas.  Rockport Fire Chief Damon Dyer, Arkansas State Trooper Sheldon and Malvern Firefighter Chat Hart were the first on-duty emergency people to arrive.  All of these Heroes were able to remove the driver from the wreckage as fuel spilled out of the diesel tanker.  I was told that the driver was standing upright through the truck’s windshield when rescuers arrived.

Rockport/Willow Fire and Malvern Fire Departments responded and assisted as necessary.

LifeNet arrived quickly and transported the injured driver to the hospital.








Rockport Police assisted with traffic control and Arkansas Highway Police responded and got their own little investigation going as far as the commercial transport end of things.  Any possible violations are unknown to me.  It could be possible that no violations even existed as far as I know.


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Hot Spring County Department of Emergency Management responded and kept an eye on the fuel spill.  A second fuel tanker was called to the scene and the fuel remaining in the damaged tanker was pumped into it and hauled off.

Tanner’s Towing & Recovery took charge of the wreckage.  Their heavy lift crane truck, “The Hulk” did all the lifting and holding, Tanner’s Wrecker trucks did all the hauling and Tanner’s Hazmat Unit stayed behind to properly gather up all the debris and spilled fuel.

This ramp was closed for approximately 5 hours.